New 2021 range, available now

New 2021 range, available now

The 2021 SwiftCarbon range hit the streets last week. Highlighted by our latest offering, the RaceVox, the full quiver of road frames, from race to endurance, gets a fresh look and are all equipped with full, front-to-back Shimano groupsets with some small spec updates. Maintaining the single colour theme from 2020, we see new colours and finishes, plus some updated graphic designs.

Simplifying our range, we’ve pared down the number of combinations available. This was initially led by the supply and demand shock that the bike industry has experienced recently. The upside that the streamlined range means bikes are on hand (previously, they were built to order). So instead of seeing a ‘register your interest’ button that’s become all too familiar on brands’ websites, visitors to will be pleased to see models available now (also through our Partner Shop Program).


Our latest frame, the RaceVox, is a category breaker – designed with one goal in mind: create the ultimate road bike. The final product is part aero, part endurance and all race, blurring the traditional category lines. As an evolution of the SwiftCarbon brand cyan, the colour is a deeper, three-dimensional blue, with a subtle addition of metallic, detailed with metallic navy logos and graphics. The two RaceVox options are shown here.


At the heart of SwiftCarbon is the Ultravox and it’s back again. This marque was born out of obsessively pursuing ‘ultimate ride quality’, tuning the geometry and materials. The result is otherworldly handling, greater stiffness and magic-carpet-ride compliance. It’s not just us saying it – it’s received top reviews in the media, lauded by the pros, won UCI World Tour races, and of course loved by our customers. It’s also team issue equipment for the UCI Continental W52-FC Porto and SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling outfits. The range showcases one of our favourite colours ever – metallic anchor grey/white. The metallic flecks are barely perceptible, until the bike goes out into the sunlight. Then it shows off, with a gorgeous satin look. Check out the spec options out here.


The Hypervox history begins with the sprinters on Team Drapac, which we supported from 2014 to 2016. With the emerging aero movement, they were chasing every watt available and insisted we make an aero bike. We resisted, not keen to join the market with another swoopy and profiled machine (ultimately delivering a harsh ride). When we had a clear picture of how it should reward the rider’s hard efforts, we designed it on our terms. It’ll also be clear that we put trends aside and never compromising ride quality, taking the blueprint for the brand’s remarkable ride quality – the Ultravox. The result: more pro wins and an Olympic bronze medal. Choosing between the chalk grey option and the radiant, metallic red will be a tough task, so the deciding factor will be the spec. Check out the options here.


Built for endurance, ready to race. The Attack G2 is an endurance bike that’s fast and light enough to take on an Alpine Gran Fondo and forgiving enough to ride all day. Designed for versatility and tuned to offer SwiftCarbon’s signature handling, the Attack G2 does it all, equally well – the ideal balance between speed and precision control. In this case, it’s “choose any colour you want, as long as it’s black,” with a combination of matt and gloss finishes. Three spec options here.

Granted, some of the specs featured are not the latest offerings on the market. With the stock situation in the industry right now, parts are extremely difficult to source. Let’s remind ourselves though, the wheels you see on the 2021 bikes on our website are still high-quality hoops!

Have a look around our site – it’s possible to buy online or drop by at one of our PSPs. Check out a list of them here.