About Us


Founded by South African Mark Blewett, SwiftCarbon has always aimed for an exceptional rider experience. After retiring from professional cycling Blewett’s passion for cycling endured, but as bicycle technology and materials evolved from steel and aluminium to carbon, he missed the tactility, handling and responsiveness of his team-issue steel bikes. Partnering up with some of the most sought after designers and engineers in the industry, he set out to recapture that ‘soul’ – to tune SwiftCarbon bikes’ ride quality using the very latest composites available. The Ultravox was born.

The SwiftCarbon range grew, and so the same ‘ride quality’ DNA was passed on. Already popular and selling well in several countries, the brand truly moved into the limelight when the Ultravox took its first UCI World Tour victory, the Neurogen began scooping Ironman triathlon titles and the Hypervox won a medal at the 2016 Olympic Games (powered by world-class athletes of course).

From concept to the world stage of cycling, the dream came true.  In 2017, a new chapter began, with a financial boost from a multinational company, new headquarters set up in Europe and a deep investment into new technology and expert staff. Agile and ready, like our bikes, SwiftCarbon is primed for the ever-evolving bike industry and the next generation of cycling.