Crash Replacement Program

Only those who ride a SwiftCarbon know what “an exceptional ride” means. The more you love a bike the more you ride it. But, accidents happen, as does frame damage. We’ll be there for you. If you have to replace a damaged frame or part not covered by our six-year warranty, we offer a Crash Program so you'll be back on a SwiftCarbon bike again.

In case of a crash, SwiftCarbon's Crash Program offers a replacement SwiftCarbon frame at a 25% discount on the frame.
This program does not extent to training accidents involving motor vehicles or misuse or mis-handling of the SwiftCarbon bicycle or frameset. 
The SwiftCarbon Crash Program will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If you are eligible to receive a comparable frame, it will be shipped without components, including only the frame. The program is applicable for up to two years from purchase, for original owners only. A purchase invoice must be provided.
All handling and freight costs associated with the sending of the frameset or parts are excluded from the Crash Program and will be covered by the customer.
If requested, we will fit your new frame with components. This service will be charged. We will be pleased to make an offer and we will get in touch with you if required. Your bike will be returned to you as soon as your order has been cleared and processed.

To take advantage of our Crash Program please fill in our Crash Replacement contact form here.

The Crash Program is limited only to the original owner and to damages that compromise the structural integrity and functionality of the bike. SwiftCarbon reserves the right to suspend this service, for example if we detect that the damage has been caused wilfully or it is of a merely cosmetic nature. 
Actual replacement frame and/or parts of Crash Program depend on availability of the frame and/or parts.

The Crash Replacement Program does not allow the option to choose a different model and cannot be combined with another discount offers. In order to fulfil the requirements for the Crash Replacement Program, the frame/fork in question must be returned to us.