A new Swift era

SwiftCarbon is now Swift Bicycles


The bicycle, since its inception, is a liberating instrument for everyone from an early age.

In recent decades, the world has changed its view of the bicycle. It has become less of a means of simple recreational sports and fun; increasingly it is a powerful instrument for daily commuting, for physical and mental health and for social interaction. It is not just a companion for a sunny Sunday, it has become a companion for every day. 

Swift wants to be part of the bike celebration and the positive impact it's having on the world.

Bikes aren`t just to be used on the road, they are to be enjoyed everywhere. The bike is not only for athletes; the bike is for every person, and each and every one of us deserves access to a quality product such as the bicycles we are always striving to produce at Swift.

Swift is now not only Carbon, it is Swift Bicycles, inserted in a world with all the diversity of materials, categories, possible uses and for every purchasing power. 

This new phase aims to expand the offer of models and enter a new diversity of worlds, considering that every human being, that has a passion for bicycles, is not limited to one platform or a single reality.

Swift Carbon continues to exist as our brand for carbon bikes and will continue to have our signature DNA, as before. It will always be our research, technology, and development laboratory, from where all other models will absorb cutting edge knowledge and trends, so that they too can continuously be improved.

Swift Bicycles will provide a multi-platform range, a Swift for every moment, for every space, for every desire.

We want to be a brand that leads entire families to discover the joy of the bike and understand that, with all the different possibilities in our range, people will come together and experience the pleasure of riding a Swift bike — it's not something that is explained, it's a feeling everyone just has to experience!